The Pharmacy Excellence Awards will call up and attract senior level judges from across the pharmacy sector, drawing on different types of expertise. If you are interested in becoming a judge for the Pharmacy Excellence Awards, please send a short form CV by email to Matthew Davies.

Please note: the names of the current year’s judges will not be published until after judging is complete.

Judging will take place in two stages: the first will scrutinise for validity and compliance and mark entries to go forward to the second stage, when the entries will be voted on by the judging panels. Each judging panel will consist of up to four judges and will examine and vote on around 25 entries. Voting will be secret and final marks will define the placings in each category. There will always be a Winner declared in a category and, if closely fought, there may also be a High Commendation.

Winners and High Commendations will receive their trophies at the Awards lunch and ceremony.